Confessions in the Metaverse

Can we be heard in the metaverse?  – A digital theater performance

Status: Completed / Year: 2023 / Genre: Performing Art / Technique: Real Time Face Capture – VR – theater

“Confessions in the Metaverse” is a digital theater journey that delves into the intriguing world of spirituality, trust, and self-discovery in the age of virtual reality.

Upon entering the physical waiting room adorned with benches, candles, and a hint of incense, you are greeted by a priest who invites you to take a seat and wait to meet the virtual bishop. Here, you have the opportunity to share your deepest confessions, and perhaps also hear the story of Bishop Povl.  Who is he and why is he in the Metaverse? Does he have something to confess? And if so, can he be forgiven? By whom?
“Confessions in the Metaverse” turns the idea of spirituality in the digital age on its head, exploring what it means to trust and open up in a world that’s more connected than ever. Using immersive technology and engaging storytelling, this digital theater experience creates a safe space for personal reflection.

The Technology Behind the Experiment:
In the real world, an actor sets the scene in the waiting room, sets the tone for anticipation and contemplation. When it’s your turn, the virtual priest takes over the show. With a simple iPhone and facial recognition, the actor brings the virtual priest to life in the metaverse. 
White Hole Theater’s VR performing-art experiment pushes the boundaries of traditional theater, exploring how new motion capture and VR technologies can enhance audience engagement and participation.



Performer: Marieke Breyne
Direction: Karoline Normann Fløysvik
Playwright: Amalie Munkgaard Olesen
Music: Den Sorte Skole
Creative Director: Martina Scarpelli
Technical Director: Lars Hemmingsen
Coding: Oscar Louw
Technical Wizard: Jørgen Jakobsen, CoFlow Visuals
CG Generalist: Ursula Damsgaard Pedersen
Produced by Lana Tankosa Nikolic, Late Love Production

In collaboration with PLASTIC Collective and The Animation Workshop – VIA University College