Heavy LOAD

By Nina Møller and Sophia Ioannou Gjerding as part of the exhibition HAUL

Status: Exhibited / Year: 2022 / Genre: Art Installation / Technique: Video Game
Web: sophiaioannougjerding.cargo.site/HeavyLoad

The computer game was exhibited for the first time in the bunker of Regelbau 411 from March to May 2022.

Heavy Load presents a world centered around daily chores. In the game, the player gathers water from a lake and pour it into a tub on top of a hill. Based on the action of collecting water, the heroic tales typically forming the narratives in the gaming world are displaced.

Artist: Sophia Ioannou Gjerding
Sound: Nina Møller
Flute: Johanne Buus Andersen

Programming: Oscar Louw
Graphics: Bastian Leonhardt Strube, Mikkel Battefeld
Photos by Mikkel Kaldal

SUPPORTED BY Statens Kunstfond