Animated documentary

Status: In development / Year: 2023 / Genre: Documentary, Animation, / Technique: Live Action & 2D Animation

Eight years ago, Trine found herself in the world of forensic psychiatry after intentionally setting her room on fire. From that point on, her life has been a kaleidoscope of institutions, protected housing, hospitals, and more, all since the age of 15. In her quest
for care and kindness, she resorted to swallowing lighters, batteries, knives, and forks, desperate cries for help. But the narrative takes a turn towards hope as Trine found her equilibrium, determination, and inner strength. Now, she teeters on the edge of a new chapter, preparing to stand on her own two feet. The question remains – does she dare? Two years of filming have captured her journey towards independence, culminating in a powerful theater-play aimed at revealing her true self to her parents.

Director: Alexander Lind
Animation Director: Martina Scarpelli
Produced by: Got Fat – Emil Johnsen
Animation: Denis Chapon

The Danish Film Institute, The Wes Danish Film Fund, Anidox Lab