The Forest Quartet

A game by Mads & Friends

Status: Released / Year: 2022 / Genre: Puzzle Adventure Game / Duration: 1-2 hours / Production year: 2016-2022 / Technique: Digital, 3D/ Dialogues: Yes / Publisher: Bedtime Digital Games / Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4-5, Nintendo Switch


The Forest Quartet is a puzzle adventure about a gone, but not forgotten, lead singer. Play her spirit and travel through 3 acts unique to the members of her band for a final farewell concert.

Director: Mads Vadsholt
Produced by: Mads & Friends
Producers: Mads Vadsholt, Klaus Pederson
Publisher: Bedtime Digital Games
Scriptwriter: Mads Vadsholt, Amalie Olesen
Game developer: Mads Vadsholt
Programmer:Andreas Schonau, Felipe Dacal Fragoso, Oscar Louw, Morten Andersen
Animation: Katarina Helstrup, Jennifer Wright, Inez Baldacchino, Philip Piaget
Sound design: Mads Vadsholt
Composer: Kaspar Vadsholt

The Danish Film Institute, Stugan, Yonderplay, Nippon Nordic, The Animation Workshop, Nordic Game Jam, Statens Kunstfond

Excellence in Audio (IGF 2023)
Firestarter Award (Game Audio Awards 2023)
Audience Favorite (Game Audio Awards 2023)
Best Audio (Spilprisen 2023)
Best Visuals (Spilprisen 2023)
Jury’s Special Mention (Nordic Game Conference 2023)