The Forest Quartet

Play the spirit of a deceased lead singer trying to get your jazz-band back together

Status: In development / Year: 2020 / Genre: Adventure game / Technique: Digital

A jazz quartet have decided to spend their life far out in the woods of Denmark. They have decided to do so because they feel more inspired, healthier and more centred in the woods than in the city. Each of the band members have their own house in different parts of the woods. They have also build a stage in the woods that they use for occasional concerts.
All is well until a fatal car crash takes away the life of Nina, the singer. Her death is a huge blow to the band and they split up. They close themselves in their homes and shut down completely. As time passes their inner demons grow bigger. The goal of the player/spirit singer is to get the band out of their misery and eventually get them to play together again.

Director: Mads Vadsholt
Produced by: Mads & Friends
Producers: Søren Jønsson, Mads Vadsholt
Scriptwriter: Amalie Olesen
Game developer: Mads Vadsholt, Felipe Dacal Fragoso
Programmer: Felipe Dacal Fragoso, Oscar Louw, Morten Andersen, Milan Grajetzki
Animation: Morten Andersen, Benedikte Rindom, Jennifer Alice Wright
Sound design: Mads Vadsholt
Music and mix: Kaspar Vadsholt

The Danish Film Institute, Stugan, Yonderplay, Nippon Nordic, The Animation Workshop, Nordic Game Jam & Arsenalet Game Incubation