In a desert wasteland, a group of archetypes, each representing a Vice or a Virtue, are invited for a mysterious celebration, at an unknown location, and are asked to bring something. They don´t know where they are going, nor who is inviting them. They know it is going to be great.

Status: In development Genre: Animated Opera (film & live performing music) / Duration: 60 min / Technique: 2D – 3D animation


Psychomachia is a mesmerizing story on the experience of being alive. It tells the tale of the Vices and the Virtues of today as a way to look at ourselves with a cynical eye and an inch of celebrative sarcasm. 

Director: Martina Scarpelli
Produced by: Late Love Production
Producers: Lana Tankosa Nikolic
Scriptwriter: Amalie Olesen

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