Meditate in an ever-changing and mysterious virtual forest

Status: completed / Year: 2017 / Duration: 20′ / Genre: Art Installation / Technique: Realtime Unity3D rendering, depth camera human detection, short throw back projection

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Enter a forest made of plywood and projectors, and experience the slow change of nature. Forecast is an immersive, real-time interactive 3D forest built from detailed photogrammetry, projected on four screens. Visitors’ positions are tracked as they walk around the space, and used to move particles and lights in the virtual world. Developed in Unity with an overhead Orbbec depth camera, it combines a variety of cutting edge graphical techniques to create a hyper-realistc space to meditate.

Director: Adrian Dexter
Project Manager: Ian Otto
Scriptwriter: Hans Frederik Jacobsen
3D graphics: Mads Vadsholt
3D graphics: Bastian Leonhardt Strube
Concept Art: Adrian Dexter
Programmer: Oscar Louw
Sound design: Michael James Thomas
Technician: Thomas Winther Christensen

The Animation Workshop, Viborg Animation Festival, Expanded Animation