A Little too much

Animated music video

 Year: 2020 / Genre: Music video / Technique: 2d Animation

In an imaginary space a woman let go of herself and overcome fearing her own greatness. She discovers her body, she embraces her emotions, and learns to own all the parts that make her HER.

Director: Martina Scarpelli
Produced by: Martina Scarpelli
music artist: kai
creative direction: kai & Danna Takako
script: Martina Scarpelli
2d animation: Denis Chapon, Flóra Anna Buda, Heidi Holmeå Christiansen, Martina Scarpelli
storyboard & layout: Martina Scarpelli, Denis Chapon, Flóra Anna Buda
background design: Flóra Anna Buda
compositing: Martina Scarpelli
editing: Martina Scarpelli
sound design / music and mix: kai & Isaac Valens
Distribution: Miyu distribution – Luce GROSJEAN

London Animation Festival – Best Music Video